How are we doing this?


Through various activities and projects,

we work unconditionally towards providing the children a better future.


 To provide a home for the orphaned, abused

and neglected children in Sabah with love

and compassion in a happy and Godly surrounding

producing responsible men and women who are capable of CARING:-

For Self

For Others

For the Communities

For the Environment

For the Future


Who's involved?

Our Team of trained Counselors, House Parents

and  Agricultural Experts is the core of our set-up

and we are supported by:


1.International volunteers especially Japanese university students and local Sabahan.

 2. Many churches, individuals and associations that provide the spiritual,

social and physical needs of the children.

 3. The development of a Sustainable Integrated Agriculture System.


Why are we doing this?


We believed that the children are the main key for better future

due to that we need to help those children who are in need.


By teaching children the basic of everything in life correctly,

we are confident that future will be safe and sound for them to live with.