International work camp with Japanese and Malaysian

CFFM Work Camp application.

Volunteer with us trough our work camp!

Please apply here if you are interested.

Email us: malaysia.cff@gmail.Com

Call us at: 011 2982 3547

About Work Camp

More than 1,100 volunteers are anticipated to get involved in international work camps to develop the land of CFF Malaysia by 2018; this activity is indirectly concerned with growth of our children. The department of youth development is expected to provide them with opportunities to get trained to adjust themselves to the society.

About study tour

Our study tours provide the youth with great opportunities to study history, culture, poverty, and welfare.


What they learn is expected to be applied for the future generation.

(This program is aimed at Japanese students only at the moment.)


A few information about CFFM work camp.

What work camp does?

The campers will work with CFFM staff to sustain the children's place including agriculture activities and some construction.

Who can join the work camp?

Whoever is 15 years old and above (No age limitation) as long as you are interested and willing to work with people younger and older than you. So far, all of the volunteers are between 18-26 years old.

Where is the work camp?

The camp is placed CFF Malaysia which is in Kg.Kelatuan Sabah.


Please click here for your google map.